A Quick Comparsion Between Choremcast And Android TV To Pick The Best One.

Chromecast is primarily a great device but it is often used for serving the one major function. Chromecast acts as a receiver, that means if you want to use the Chromecast, then you must possess some sort of device. May it be your Smartphone or computer that possess the software that does support the Chromecast functionality. The phone sends the signals to that of the Chromecast which it passes on to TV.

Comparsion Between Choremcast And Android TV

Whereas Android TV is a bit different type of device. It lets the assessment of the special version of that of the Google play store. It is the best platform for the gamers, though it is capable to perform the same kind of functionality, it is also capable to send its own signal to that of TV. It possesses its own operating system.

It also aids the users for installing the applications directly in the box and these installed applications transmit the application to TV. the box also encompasses the card reader, hence, you can access the photos and videos, etc. Let’s get into the Chromecast and Android TV in detail.


If you don’t possess the smart TV, still want to avail the facility of the internet-based services and also you want to go for the source, then Chromecast is good. This is basically a small device that easily gets plugged into that of the HDMI port of your TV. For the power, it uses up the USB cable. Talking about the Chromecast design, from one side it connects to the HDMI port to your TV and the other side possess the plug for the USB cable. It projects the notification light which blinks at the end of the device.

With the employment of various ways for streaming video to your TV. the primary choice is the use of the in-built support of that of Google’s services like YouTube and play store etc. Also, there are a number of third-party applications that do supports Chromecast like Netflix, etc. The other option is by using the Chrome browser in that of your laptop or the desktop. Chromecast does not possess the user interface. It possesses the casting option in-built in that of the browser for the sake of casting the entire chrome browser in your TV.

Android TV

This is Google’s smart TV platform which works using the Android operating system. The users can view their desired stuff on their TV with the usage of the internet connection by means of apps. In this, the users can go to the menus, the same as they do with their phones. Along with its astonishing capabilities, Android TV can run the apps as well as play the emulators.

With the usage of Kodi, it can even lead to connect with that of the TV tuner. You can access Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Disney, CNN and a lot more. On Android TV, at present, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and the FuboTV live TV streaming services do works. Android TV does possess a user interface that can be controlled with the remote.

The Bottom Line

From the article, we can make out that Android TV is the clear Winner. The users just have to make sure that they do not purchase the underpowered box. The Android TV version of that of the Google play store caters for a plethora of popular games and its devices could be easily paired up to that of the gaming controllers. But if you are using the Chromecast for the gaming purpose then for the controls, you have to make use of your phone. Hence, Android TV is much better than Chromecast.

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