Important Reasons Why Samsung Is Giving Up On S-Pen

We all know about Samsung’s Note Series, and maybe it is S-Pen’s presence that separates the Note Series from other Smartphones. Whenever Samsung intends to launch a new note phone or phablet they always try to bring new features of S-Pen in that. This technology might seem years old to people but even today many users like to buy Note Series phones just because of the presence of S-pen.

Why Samsung Is Giving Up On S-Pen

Some users even can’t imagine Note without S-Pen in that due to the functionality and creativity S-Pen offers. If it is the case that Samsung is thinking about removing S-Pen feature then it is necessary to include any other advance stylus in order to continue the popularity of note series. So, here’re some of the main reasons why Samsung giving up on the S-Pen.

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Simple Things To Do For Deleting A Blank Page in MS Word

The extra pages result from intrusion of the extra paragraphs or the page breaks. They not only project the document bad, it even leads to any confusion and ruins the continuity of the document. It may also lead to confusion that the document has ended but it may not in actuality and in this way, one may miss out some important information. Therefore, let’s see how one can get rid of these blank pages. Follow the methods given below and achieve the endeavor. Continue reading “Simple Things To Do For Deleting A Blank Page in MS Word”

Enjoy Windows OS On Mac With These Cool Tricks

There has been a great controversy that exists between which is better: Mac or Windows but what if both of them could be accessed on a single screen. Yup! That’s possible with the dual booting Mac which is the perfect choice when one has to run macOS and to install Windows at the same time.

Windows OS On Mac

This is very useful especially when the user wants to run only the Window apps and the games. Hence, as per desire, one can jump to use any of these two operating systems. Let’s check out how one can achieve this endeavor of enjoying Windows on your Mac.

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A Quick Comparsion Between Choremcast And Android TV To Pick The Best One.

Chromecast is primarily a great device but it is often used for serving the one major function. Chromecast acts as a receiver, that means if you want to use the Chromecast, then you must possess some sort of device. May it be your Smartphone or computer that possess the software that does support the Chromecast functionality. The phone sends the signals to that of the Chromecast which it passes on to TV.

Comparsion Between Choremcast And Android TV

Whereas Android TV is a bit different type of device. It lets the assessment of the special version of that of the Google play store. It is the best platform for the gamers, though it is capable to perform the same kind of functionality, it is also capable to send its own signal to that of TV. It possesses its own operating system.

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Know Everything About Google Map’s ‘Local Guide’ Feature

Google Maps is one of the best apps to find directions and places across the world. It offers many useful services and Local guide is also one of them. Many people are not much aware of this unique characteristic of Google Maps – ‘Local Guides’, but it is an interesting feature one should know about.

Google Map's 'Local Guide' Feature

Local Guide is an amazing feature introduced in Google Maps to help people. It forms a community where local people give their suggestions and correct the details of any place. It not only helpful for the tourist but also for the people who make their contribution to earn rewards. So here, we bring a guide for you to inform more about Local Guides.

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Here’s How One Can Record Whatsapp Voice Messages Without Holding Down The Mic Button

Sending an audio message is more convenient and quick rather than typing a long message or using a call feature on different instant messaging apps. All users prefer voice messages just because of the ability to send simple and short voice notes in a short span of time. Voice messages relatively consume fewer data as compare to HD calling on different apps and the process to send audio messages to vary with different messaging services. Especially if we talk about Whatsapp which is one of the leading instant messaging apps then users need to keep holding down the microphone button in order to record voice messages.

Record Whatsapp Voice Messages Without Holding Down The Mic Button

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Everything You Should Know About The ‘Tasker’ App

Tasker is primarily an automation app. It lets the users perform the tasks that are based on stuff like the application, event, location, and gesture, etc. It primarily controls the Android device without getting it rooted. Most of the people think that this application is just for schedules but it is more than that. For example, with the aid of the tasker, you can also play your favorite music from that of the music library, the users can also apply the random wallpapers.

Know About The 'Tasker' App

The interface of the tasker is simple and clean. When you install, it starts in the beginner mode. The initial page contains options such as profiles, tasks and seen. If you are a newbie, then you can work on the beginner mode. If you, not a newbie, untick the beginner mode and hence the interface of the application, changes a bit. In the bottom row of the interface, you’ll find the project tabs.

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