Create Your Own iPhone App With This Easy Technique

We know that iOS is popular for its quality and the astonishing user-friendly feature it caters. With the increasing number of iOS users, it is vibrantly revolutionizing the Smartphone industry. As iOS is well-known for its security and quality, the apps are a good medium to engage a large number of people.

Create Your Own iPhone App

It is not necessary that all the businesses are related to technology and they create the applications by engaging developers, granting them a huge sum of money for the purpose. Instead, small and medium-sized businesses can create their own apps and promote their business and engage the customers.

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Effective Process To Transfer PSP Videos To A Memory Stick

PSP devices are specially designed to enhance the entertainment and gaming fun of people. In addition to playing certain PlayStation games, consumers can also use this portable device as their personal iPod. Apart from listening to your favorite music, the device has the ability to play videos and movies of your choice.

Transfer PSP Videeos To A Memory Stick

Maybe some consumers are unable to watch videos because they don’t know about supported video formats. If you are one of these consumers then you are probably on the right post, because in the following post we will tell you how to choose the right video format and transfer all the videos to memory stick of your PSP device.

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STEM Toys And Its Unique Benefits

From childhood, we try to teach our children important lessons in life like coordination, teamwork, patience and much more. But if children learn all these important lessons while playing, then nothing can be better than that. STEM toys are designed to deliver the same in a fun and interactive manner, while playing with STEM toys children can learn the basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as well. There are different types of STEM toys available in the market which parents and teachers can buy to ensure good qualities and right habits.


For children having their interest in science and technology, there are different science and chemistry kits available which help them explore more and more.

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Here’s How You Can Apply a Bokeh Effect To Your Photos In Instagram’s New Focus Mode

Instagram is a very popular social networking app that wows everyone with its interesting new features. It offers several interesting filters and effects to take stunning photos that you can upload in your stories. Now this time, it comes up with a new feature that is Focus Mode. Like other, modes of Instagram, Focus mode is best for capturing photos. It takes portrait style mode photos with full focus. It gives you an opportunity to apply a bokeh effect on your photos or selfies.

Apply a Bokeh Effect To Your Photos In Instagram's New Focus Mode

Are you familiar with word Bokeh? Bokeh is derived from a Japanese word Boke that means blur. Bokeh effect gives a new look to your photos. It blurs the background of an image and focuses on the main object. In this way, it will sharp the main object of the picture leaving the rest part blur.

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