Easiest Approach One can Go For While Selling Its Mac

With the rapidly evolving technology, new advanced devices have hogged in the market. Same has happened with the Mac as well. Recently, Mac Book Pro introduced in the market with advanced touch bar technology. It dims the sparkle of old Mac and attracts users. Everyone wants to replace their old Mac and want to own a new Mac. This may force you to sell your used Mac.

How To Sell Mac

Guide To Sell A Mac

Whatever your reason to sell the Mac device and if you finally decided to say goodbye to your old Mac then you have to keep some important points in your mind before selling it. Here, we get the list of a few things which is important to do prior to sale Mac. Here are some points you have to focus when you’re about to sell your Mac.

Clean The Device Physically

Looks matter’s a lot, thus make sure your looks good and in presentable condition. So, it is important to clean the Mac physically before selling it out. With the help of cleaner and microfiber cloth clean the keyboard and screen of your device.

Back-Up Your Data

Before leaving the Mac, you have to remove all your data. Thus it is essential to keep a copy of your data and create a back up of that. You can use a Time Machine or Clone for creating a backup of Mac’s data.

Sign Out of iTunes Account

It is necessary to sign out from your iTunes account. It will save you from facing any unwanted problems. So here the steps by which you can sign out from your iTunes account.

  • Run the iTunes on your Mac.
  • From the top left corner of your screen, click on the Account.
  • From there select, the option “Authorizations”.
  • Now click on “Deauthorize This Computer”.
  • Prove the details of your Apple Id and enter your Password.
  • Finally, select Deauthorize.

Log Out From iMessage Account

After sign-out from iTunes, now its turn to log out from iMessage before factory reset. So for this follow these steps:

  • From dock bar, launch Message application.
  • Click on Messages located at the top Menu of the screen.
  • Select the option “Preference”.
  • After that select “Account” and pick your Account.
  • Now, click on the Sign-out option and when asked to confirm click Sign out again.

Factory Reset The Device

Last but not least, make sure to Factory reset your Mac before selling it to other. It will remove all your personal settings from the device and available for fresh customization.

The Bottom Line

After a factory reset and removing your iTunes and iMessage from your Mac, it is ready to sell. You can either sell the Mac to your friends, relatives or replace it on the Apple stores. Even there are many online websites which help you to get the right customer who is interested in buying your Mac at an accurate price. And if the parts of your Mac is damaged, you can also list it on Freecycle Network.

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