Effective Process To Transfer PSP Videos To A Memory Stick

PSP devices are specially designed to enhance the entertainment and gaming fun of people. In addition to playing certain PlayStation games, consumers can also use this portable device as their personal iPod. Apart from listening to your favorite music, the device has the ability to play videos and movies of your choice.

Transfer PSP Videeos To A Memory Stick

Maybe some consumers are unable to watch videos because they don’t know about supported video formats. If you are one of these consumers then you are probably on the right post, because in the following post we will tell you how to choose the right video format and transfer all the videos to memory stick of your PSP device.

Steps To Transfer PSP Videos Directly To Memory stick

  • In order to transfer PSP videos to Memory Stick, first of all, you need to have a PSP device, PC, Memory Stick, one USB cable with a mini-B connector on another end.
  • Make sure you’ll have the videos in the same format which PSP supports, now just before connecting your PSP device with computer place your memory card in memory card slot available on the left side of PSP.
  • The size of the memory card actually depends on how many videos you want to transfer in it if you want to transfer more videos then try to get a memory stick with more storage.
  • After that, you can turn on your PSP device and then connect your PSP with your Windows or Mac PC with the help of USB cable.
  • Now open “settings” menu on your PSP device, generally settings icon is available on the home menu of the PSP device.
  • Then go to “USB connection” in the settings menu of your PSP and simply click the “X” button to enter in USB mode which helps your computer detect the USB storage device.
  • Now search for the folder “MP_ROOT” on your PSP memory stick, generally, the memory stick will create the folder automatically whenever you format it. But you need to create a new one in case the folder is not there.
  • Then after look for “100MNV01” named folder under “MP_ROOT” folder, in case this folder is also not there then you need to create this one also.
  • At last drag and drop all the videos inside “100MNV01” folder, the process is the same as we copy folders from one drive to another on our computer.
  • That’s it, now you can simply disconnect or eject your PSP device from your computer with the help of the “eject” option available on the menu bar located at the bottom.
  • Now remove the USB cable from your device and then press the “circle” button to get back to the home menu on your PSP device.
  • You can now start watching all your favorite videos in your PSP device after opening “videos” menu and after pressing the “X” button on the highlighted video.


So apart from playing some high-end games you can also listen to your favorite music and watch videos of your choice on your PSP device. Before transferring the videos to your PSP device, please check the format supported as normally in firmware version 1.50 or higher the supported formats are MPEG-4 or MP4/AVC videos.

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