Effective Way To Connect Your Mac To Apple TV

Large screens are always better, whether it is about watching movies or playing games we all prefer big screens for entertainment and even to complete day to day tasks as well.

Nowadays there are television sets available in the market which can be used as computer screens and even for entertainment purpose as well.  In case you do not have such a TV then no matter as through HDMI port and cable you can connect Windows or Mac computer with your TV in a few simple steps as mentioned below in this post.

Connect Your Mac To Apple TV

Simple Yet Effective Ways To Connect Your Mac With a TV

  • First of all look for the HDMI port connection on your TV, using the HDMI port to connect your TV with Mac is the best option to get favorable results.
  • After you find the HDMI port on your TV, simply look for the video output in your MAC, generally, there are three types of audio-video ports available in MAC that is HDMI, Thunderbolt 2, Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C).
  • You’ll need to have different cables to connect your Mac with TV accordingly, HDMI cable is available in different stores but in case you need USB-C cable or Thunderbolt 2 to HDMI cable then you can search them on online stores.
  • Try to buy the correct cable which supports your Mac and your TV HDMI output as well.
  • After that connect one end of the cable with your Mac and another one with HDMI port available on your TV.
  • Now turn on your TV after pressing the power on button present on your TV.
  • After you turn on your TV, change the input system of your TV to get the Mac screen displayed on it.
  • Whether you can use the remote of your TV or complete it with the help of physical buttons on your TV to select the HDMI input on your television set.
  • Now, wait until the screen of your Mac will start to display contents on your HDMI TV.


It is always a better experience to connect your computer with a TV screen to enjoy movies, games and different videos on bigger screens. Even you can connect your Mac with modern LED TVs with the help of simple HDMI port and cables. Connecting your Mac with a TV through HDMI cable is much better as it is relatively cost-efficient and there’s no interruption and network issues which affect the quality and playback speed of videos.

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