Enjoy Windows OS On Mac With These Cool Tricks

There has been a great controversy that exists between which is better: Mac or Windows but what if both of them could be accessed on a single screen. Yup! That’s possible with the dual booting Mac which is the perfect choice when one has to run macOS and to install Windows at the same time.

Windows OS On Mac

This is very useful especially when the user wants to run only the Window apps and the games. Hence, as per desire, one can jump to use any of these two operating systems. Let’s check out how one can achieve this endeavor of enjoying Windows on your Mac.

How one can Install Windows on MAC with the use of Boot Camp

With the aid of the Boot Camp, one can easily access the Windows on that of its Mac. Once you are completed with the installation, you are required to restart up your Mac and it’s on you now to switch. Hence, you can go to macOS or Windows.

Prerequisites to Start:

  • Sufficient free disk space, so as to create a partition in that of the Boot camp Disk at least 128GB.
  • External Keyboard.
  • Trackpad or Mouse.
  • USB 2 Flash drive(larger).

Now Let’s Get Started.

  • First of all, get to know if Windows 10 is been supported by your Mac.
  • Now acquire Windows disk image or that of the installation media that incorporates, 64-bit version of that of the Pro edition or the Microsoft Windows 10. If you are been doing this for the first time, make sure that you are encompassing the full version instead of the upgrade. When the user purchases Windows, they primarily get in the form of a disk image file which you further foster for download. Ensure that while you are up to download the windows, you do it from the ‘Microsoft software Download page’.
  • Open up the Boot camp Assistant- This assistant appropriately guides the user to possess Windows on that of your Mac. Therefore, from the utility folder which is available in that of the Application folder, open the app. In order to repartition the startup disk, simply follow the instructions that display on-screen. After a while, the user can download software drivers that are associated with Windows.
  • Go for formatting the Windows Partition- Once you are done with the assistant, Mac primarily commences for that of the Windows installer. If one is installing Windows with that of the flash drive or the optical drive, it will be asked for the location, where it desires to install the Windows. At this stage, the role of BOOTCAMP partition comes into play. Just go with BOOTCAMP and tap to ‘Format’. If the user is not been using the above mentioned two drives then the appropriate partition gets opted and formatted itself.
  • Go for Windows installation and the installation of Windows Support software- firstly, unplug any external device like disks because they are not that required or necessary in the process of installation. Then you need to follow the prompts that display on the screen for installing Windows.
  • When done with the above procedure, Your windows interface is almost ready to take off.
  • Finally, the user can switch easily between the two: Mac OS and Windows.

The Bottom Line

The mac users must have got delighted viewing the article, as they can now use even the Windows operating system in their Mac now. Hence, if you one such aspirant and want to use Windows in your Mac, then follow the above-mentioned steps, and there you go. With the astonishing features of Mac, one could also relish the Windows experience.

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