Everything You Should Know About The ‘Tasker’ App

Tasker is primarily an automation app. It lets the users perform the tasks that are based on stuff like the application, event, location, and gesture, etc. It primarily controls the Android device without getting it rooted. Most of the people think that this application is just for schedules but it is more than that. For example, with the aid of the tasker, you can also play your favorite music from that of the music library, the users can also apply the random wallpapers.

Know About The 'Tasker' App

The interface of the tasker is simple and clean. When you install, it starts in the beginner mode. The initial page contains options such as profiles, tasks and seen. If you are a newbie, then you can work on the beginner mode. If you, not a newbie, untick the beginner mode and hence the interface of the application, changes a bit. In the bottom row of the interface, you’ll find the project tabs.

There’s a home button at the bottom and click on that you’ll some options, from where you can add a new project.

Here How One Can Make Best Use of Tasker App

  • There are lot many things the users can do with the aid of the tasker from more than 200 built-in actions which the conditions pertaining to that task triggers.
  • The condition is also known as contexts. Hence these contexts that you frame out with the use of taker is basically been sectioned off into that of various parts or categories which as known as Application, location and time and sometimes event and day also.
  • Hence, from this, you can easily make out a large number of conditions could be added when your display is either on or off. In this case, you might receive a missed call or the SMS that is been failed to send, pertaining to the file which was opened or been modified, hence when you arrive at an appropriate location, the user can connect it with USB.
  • When the condition gets attached to the tasks, then these grouped conditions come to know as profiles.
  • These profiles are primarily bounded to the tasks which you can run, in respect of the conditions, you’ve opted for.
  • Even the numerous actions could be cluttered for the formation of one particular task and as soon as the task gets triggered, it primarily runs, one by one.
  • The users are also facilitated to import the actions which have to be done with the aid of the alerts, display, media and settings, etc so that the application could be closed or open etc.
  • Once the profile has been created, the user can easily enable or disable it at any time without letting other files getting affected. The user can also immediately disable the tasker so as to stop other profiles from running.

The Bottom Line

From the article, you must be cleared that what is tasker and how one can use tasker effectively. We tried to cover the whole of the tasker. Still, if we have missed anything or you want to add anything to this, please send your reviews in the comment section. Your reviews are very important to us.

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