Here’s How One Can Restrict The Spoilers In Apps Of The SmartPhone

With the enhancement of social networking, the word “spoilers” also become very famous. This word has the capacity to give goosebumps to any die-heart TV shows fan. Basically, Spoiler is a term that used to describe a piece of news that holds the information of any TV show or movie. It is very annoying when a show has an upcoming interesting twist and you get to know about the same earlier before you see it. This spoils the moods also diminish the curiosity and interest of the viewer.

Restrict The Spoilers In Apps Of The SmartPhones

There is a little fear to remain inside everyone while exploring on the internet or opening Twitter or Facebook. They always think might be any spoilers are waiting for them to ruin their interest on the next episode of the show. Thus, it is important to be extra careful and use a Spoiler Blocker.

How to Restricts the Spoilers in Apps of the Smartphones

Whether it is the news about your favorite TV serial’s next episode, reality show’s eviction or movies climax, spoilers are very painful. To deter these spoilers from the app; Spoiler blocker is an ultimate tool which blocks the spoilers and keeps your interest in the show.

Initially, you have to install a spoiler blocker app on your Smartphone. After that, you only have to activate this tool on your device. With a simple installation process, Spoiler Blocker is ready to use. Next, you’ve to select the content that you want to see and choose the app on which this Spoiler Blocker will work. After configuring necessary settings in the app, the app will start blocking the news which you don’t want to see on the selected app.

Also, there is a Chrome extension named as Spoiler Sheild available for Android that forms a unique version of Facebook and Twitter with specially protected by a shield. It restricts any spoiler to come there and give a great experience of using it.

The Bottom Lines…

You have two ways to safeguards yourself from the annoying spoilers. Either you can use a Spoiler blocker app or go with Chrome Spoiler Sheild. Both the options are very good to utilize in order to block spoilers. Soon after installing app or extension, you can notice that you’re free from the spoilers. Thus you can freely explore on the internet and blindly browse on Facebook or Twitter.

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