Here’s How You Can Apply a Bokeh Effect To Your Photos In Instagram’s New Focus Mode

Instagram is a very popular social networking app that wows everyone with its interesting new features. It offers several interesting filters and effects to take stunning photos that you can upload in your stories. Now this time, it comes up with a new feature that is Focus Mode. Like other, modes of Instagram, Focus mode is best for capturing photos. It takes portrait style mode photos with full focus. It gives you an opportunity to apply a bokeh effect on your photos or selfies.

Apply a Bokeh Effect To Your Photos In Instagram's New Focus Mode

Are you familiar with word Bokeh? Bokeh is derived from a Japanese word Boke that means blur. Bokeh effect gives a new look to your photos. It blurs the background of an image and focuses on the main object. In this way, it will sharp the main object of the picture leaving the rest part blur.

Not all focus camera provides this bokeh effect to the picture, but Instagram’s Focus mode did so. Thus, if you also want to apply bokeh effect using the Focus mode of Instagram, here we bring a guide which will help you to make your pictures superb via bokeh effects.

Way to Apply a Bokeh Effect to Photos in Instagram Recent Focus Mode

Sometimes, it happens when you don’t want to show the background and want to click a selfie or photo. In this, bokeh effects are very beneficial. Instagram makes it very simple to use Focus mode and apply the bokeh effect to the pics.

Just launch the Instagram app on your Android device and tap on the “Your Stories”. Next, to the option Superzoom and Rewind, you’ll get “Focus” mode. Tap on it. As this mode has an auto face detection technology for clicking selfies, it detects your face and focuses on it. It will give you an instant result making the background blur and you’ll get a clear face on your photo.

The Bottom Lines…

The focus mode of Instagram is really very amazing but it has a limitation. This feature is not available to everyone. It is only available on those devices which are compatible with portrait camera mode. So first check whether your phone supports this Instagram feature and then use focus mode to apply bokeh effects on your photos.

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