Here’s How You Can Set A GIF As A Live Wallpaper On iPhone

Live wallpapers are a very trendy way to customize the screen of your device. Apple includes this interesting features in their iPhones and allows users to use live photos as a wallpaper. Not only it permits you to apply live wallpaper on the screen of iPhone also it presents few live wallpapers which you can use in the background. But these wallpapers are limited and many users don’t like these default live wallpapers. Thankfully, there are certain ways by which you can use any GIF and convert it into live photos in order to apply wallpaper.

Live Wallpaper On iPhone

GIFs are the best thing to use if you don’t get the perfect live photo. It gives you the same experience. Apple doesn’t support you to add any GIF to wallpaper settings therefore for using GIF as Live wallpaper you need an app. Here we bring a guide by which you can set a GIF as a Live Wallpaper using GIPHY app.


GIPHY is a search engine app for finding GIFs. It provides you the easiest path to browse, look, and share GIF. So follow these steps to achieve your task.

  • The most important and initial step to set a GIF as live wallpaper is download and install “GIPHY: A GIF Search Engine” app from the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Launch the GIPHY app on your device.
  • Next task is to find a GIF that looks well as live wallpaper as all GIF will not work appropriately as wallpaper. While exploring the GIFs, look for those who fit well on your iPhone screen. Also, check whether the widgets are in right place or it hides anything.
  • After finding the perfect GIF, tap on the ellipsis icon, three-doted lines located below the GIF.
  • From there select the “Live Photos” option.
  • Now, you’ll get two options: Save as a Live Photo (Full Screen) and Save as a Live Photo (Fit to screen). It is better to go with Live Photo with Full-Screen option to apply it as a wallpaper. Fit to screen option crop the GIF and insert a black and white border at the screen.
  • The GIF you save will be stored in the gallery or camera roll of the Photos app. Open the Live photo that you like to set as a wallpaper.
  • After that, open the options menu by tapping on the photo, from there select the option “Use as a Wallpaper”.
  • Adjust the photo on the screen by digging and dragging and tap on Set.
  • Now, select either of the option “Set as Lock Screen” or “Set as Home screen”. You can opt any of the options and apply live photo as a wallpaper.
  • Lastly, check the wallpaper is working properly or not. Lock the screen and wake up it again and test the wallpaper.

The Bottom Lines…

The idea of setting a GIF as a live wallpaper is amazing. While converting the GIF as Live photos you can apply many effects to give them a vibrant look. The GIPHY app is the best app to convert any GIF into a live photo. With easy steps offered by the GIPHY, you can apply live wallpaper on the iPhone.

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