Important Reasons Why Samsung Is Giving Up On S-Pen

We all know about Samsung’s Note Series, and maybe it is S-Pen’s presence that separates the Note Series from other Smartphones. Whenever Samsung intends to launch a new note phone or phablet they always try to bring new features of S-Pen in that. This technology might seem years old to people but even today many users like to buy Note Series phones just because of the presence of S-pen.

Why Samsung Is Giving Up On S-Pen

Some users even can’t imagine Note without S-Pen in that due to the functionality and creativity S-Pen offers. If it is the case that Samsung is thinking about removing S-Pen feature then it is necessary to include any other advance stylus in order to continue the popularity of note series. So, here’re some of the main reasons why Samsung giving up on the S-Pen.

Decrease In Sales

Whether we can call it decreasing sales or profitability which is one of the biggest reasons why Samsung is discontinuing S-pen in all the latest versions of Note. They’re giving more preference to size, look and specifications than to further stretching S-Pen in all the popular models of Note series. On the other hand companies like LG, Motorola, and HTC attracting users with their large screen high-end phones. Undoubtedly these phones are better in any way and offering high configuration at the cheapest possible prices than Samsung phones. That’s why Samsung is set to regain all momentum with large screen phablets in its popular note series phones.

Threat Of Competitors

We all know about the tough competition going on in the mobile market to generate better sales and profit. Companies like Apple and HTC have launched their phablet versions in the starting of 2015-16 in order to affect the sales of Samsung. After that Samsung has launched its Galaxy Note 4 and even Galaxy note edge on a trial basis in limited markets just to check it has the potential or not to give tough competition in Phablet category. Even in the same models, Samsung has included the feature of S-Pen with further alterations and modifications.


There’s no doubt that S-pen is of great use for everyone whether to showcase their creativity or to send a quick handwritten a reply to different users. As a true fan of S-Pen stylus, we can only expect the comeback of more advanced S-Pen and S-Pen utility options in upcoming Note phablets.

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