LimeTorrents – From Music To Games, Movies To Software, All Torrent Files are Here!

LimeTorrents is a reputed database of over 9.5 million verified torrent links that thousands of users access on a regular basis. The website has torrent solutions for a range of content types, including Movies, Games, TV shows, Anime, Music, Paid Softwares and Applications. LimeTorrents

Lime Torrent is the best torrenting website with millions of searches over the internet. Limetorrents search engine analysis reveals that every day millions of people search for Limetorrents Hindi movies 2019, music, Web shows, and other such entertaining stuff. Limetorrents free download links are absolutely bug-free and won’t cause any harm to your device and data store into it.

Limetorrents: Home to Bollywood, Hollywood, & Indian Regional Movies

Limetorrentz provides all types of movie torrent links. For watching regional movies, the website is divided into various section viz., Limetorrents Telugu movies, Malayalam, Tamil Movies, etc. With the onset of Limetorretns 2019 website, many new changes are seen. The updates website exhibits faster downloading and more quality videos. In addition, for movie freaks crazy for Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie or such other popular Hollywood stars, Limetorrents movies download link allows them to source all their favorite Hollywood movies.


LimeTorrents: Why so Popular!

LimeTorrents is known for an excellent user interface with separate web pages displaying a list of top 100 trending torrents and latest torrent links uploaded on the website. Download speed averages at 2.8MB per second, which is right in the league of famous torrenting websites like Bit Torrent and Torlock. It supports instant downloads and has an easy to navigate a website for you to benefit from. LimeTorrents can be accessed without registering.

Each torrent on their website has five options- Download torrent, Access Magnet Link, Direct download, Add to bookmarks (for registered users) and Add to RSS. It also has an option to stream or watch online rather than downloading. Trending torrents have helpful user feedbacks you can review to make sure the link isn’t broken or malware ridden. The website performs great on Android, Windows or Mac devices alike.

LimeTorrents: Story of Legal Setbacks.

LimeTorrent faced several legal allegations back in July 2018, when Google threatened to ban the website for fostering illegal activities. Tonnes of users were barred from accessing the website due to ISP blockages throughout Europe. Despite facing numerous financial and legal troubles, LimeTorrents bagged its position in the top 10 most visited torrent websites in the world. Today, the torrent aggregator is banned in Australia, UK, and France but continues to serve millions of people each month on a fresh domain (

LimeTorrents: Simplest Site Layout, Easy UI & Excellent Support.

LimeTorrents is also known for being extremely beginner-friendly. Their website has a separate FAQ section that addresses basic torrenting questions like ‘What is a magnet link?’ and ‘What is a .torrent file?’ If you haven’t had the chance to torrent a file before and don’t know the exact process, LimeTorrents is a great platform, to begin with. Should you encounter difficulties in downloading or streaming a file, or simply can’t navigate your way through the website, developers have a separate contact page laid out for inquiries and are quick to respond.

Torrenting is a tedious process that sometimes takes up hours. LimeTorrents has a knack to make downloading via torrent easier for you. You can search through millions of links by title or a relevant keyword. Links are listed category wise and in a clean tabular format. Crucial information like link health meter, seed, leech and file size are listed right alongside for users to quickly scan before opening any link.

You can even upload genuine links, bookmark the ones you need and share feedback on the links you used for other users to see. The platform also lets you exchange messages with other LimeTorrents members after creating an account for free.

LimeTorrents Proxy List

Since providing free movie & music torrent files directly promote piracy, operations of LimeTorrents Unblocked site is neither legal nor ethical. Therefore to escape from legal consequences, it keeps on changing the website domain. This leads to the birth of many lime torrents proxy websites. One of the most visited domain was However, it came under the radar of legal authorities and owner of the websites fail to unblock

Some of the noticeable proxy sites are viz.,,,,,,, and This is one of the reasons that many of you might fail to locate the right Limetorrent website. Also, if you misspell of the domain name also results in nil outcome. Avoid the use of spellings like lime toreent, lime torren, linetorrent, torrent lime, limetorrnt, limetorret, limetoreent, limetorrets, or limetoorent. These all are incorrect. The correct name of this website is “LimeTorrents”

Wrap Up

Looking for a safe, user-friendly torrent database that is packed with millions of verified links? LimeTorrents is definitely your best bet. It is legally accessible in most non-European countries, doesn’t charge a penny and lets you upload and share genuine torrent links. It’s a part-social media platform specifically tailored out for torrent nerds. Breezy navigation and new torrents being added every passing minute is all the more reason to try it out!

LimeTorrents – From Music To Games, Movies To Software, All Torrent Files are Here!
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