Method to Change Apple TV Home Button Behavior

Apple TV is an excellent piece of smart technology that we’ve today. It’s associated with all the good times spent together with friends and family while enjoying best-loved movies, photos, videos, social blogging and much more. No doubt, it’s smart, easy and convenient but it’s really annoying when you’re intended to go back to the home screen and it takes you to the next TV App.

Method to Change Apple TV Home Button Behavior

Yes, the behavior of Apple TV’s Home button is changed after the launch of tvOS 10.1. Now, the ‘Home button’ symbolize the next TV App and for visiting the ‘Home Screen’, press the Home button again or long-press the menu button.

Although, the change is not so drastic for people whose fingers have the habit of pressing ‘Home button’ to go to the Apple TV home screen, found it little fussy. Well, there’s a way out to this.
Decide How The Home Button of Apple TV Remote Will Behave?

  • Switch on the Apple TV.
  • Move into Settings.
  • Go to ‘Remote and Devices’.
  • Using the touchpad of the remote, map the ‘Home Button’ with ‘Home Screen’ instead of ‘TV App’.
  • And, save the Settings.

That’s it! Doing that, old remote settings are back. Like before, press the home button once, to go to the home screen. These settings can be changed anytime later, as per viewer’s ease.

Tech gadgets are designed for our help and ease but sometimes their odd behavior troubles. Thankfully, there’re customizable settings added to modify it according to an individual, which is indeed the best part of it. Following the above Apple TV settings, anyone can change the behavior of Apple TV ‘Home Button’.

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