Simple Things To Do For Deleting A Blank Page in MS Word

The extra pages result from intrusion of the extra paragraphs or the page breaks. They not only project the document bad, it even leads to any confusion and ruins the continuity of the document. It may also lead to confusion that the document has ended but it may not in actuality and in this way, one may miss out some important information. Therefore, let’s see how one can get rid of these blank pages. Follow the methods given below and achieve the endeavor.


How to remove the extra paragraphs and the page breaks

  • Open the document in Word- It has been observed that blank pages are the result of page breaks or the extra para’s that are an add-on. Hence, to get to know if this is actually the reason which is causing the problem, enable format markers for the purpose.
  • Next, press ctrl+shift+8. After this, the user could see that at the beginning of each blank line, Paragraph markers and also at the end of the existing paragraphs. You can also go for the ‘page break’.
  • Now navigate to the blank page, but if you are able to view page markers sign depicting ‘page break’ on that of the blank page, then you are required to delete it.
  • Now highlight the mark of the page marker or the page break. If the user is able to see both of them, then it can select both in one go.
  • Now select the ‘delete’ key. With this clear, all the page markers mark as well as the page breaks. For deleting up the whole page, the user is required to press the ‘delete’ button some more times.
  • Next, the paragraph marks are needed to turn off and for this, one can click on the page markers icon.

How to Remove Blank page from the end of the table

  • Firstly, open document in Word- the blank pages that are undeletable, occurs at last along with the tables. The user cannot clear up the paragraph, instead, it can decrease it so that the blank page could be removed.
  • Next, go to the ‘Table Tools tab’. If you aren’t able to view for it, then simply hit anywhere in the text at the top of the blank page and you will now be able to see it.
  • Now on that of the ‘Table Tools tab’, hit ‘layout’.
  • Next, opt for ‘view gridlines’.
  • Then, enable the paragraph marks.
  • From below the ‘table’, opt for the page markers icon.
  • Now go to the Home tab.
  • Next, in the font size box, hit inside once anywhere.
  • Now simply press 1 and then hit enter. By doing so the blank page will immediately getaway.
  • The paragraph marks should now be turned off. Doing that, you’re all done.

The Bottom Line

From the article, you must have come to know, how easily one can delete blank page in Microsoft Word. If you are troubled with the blank pages that ruin your document and you are not able to remove it, then don’t worry, follow the above-mentioned methods and get your way out of the unnecessary blank pages that edge due to the addition of the extra paragraphs.

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