Telegram Apk [LATEST] v5.15.0 Download For Android

Telegram APK, one of the fastest messaging applications developed by the Russian entrepreneur, Pavel Durov with the great collection of special features and functions that people might not find in any other such application. Apart from sharing photos, videos, files, and other default features, its special attributes consist the upgraded security and privacy settings with more opportunities to explore the new within the app.

It incorporates a whole new grade of features like, bots, self-destruction feature for the messages, secret chats and upgraded encryption of the data not letting any third-party get your shared data.

Telegram Apk

App Name: Telegram Apk

App Version: Latest

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC

App Size: 53 MB

Last Updated: This month

It serves best when users go for Telegram download, as it provides new contents using bots. Bots are the special groups incorporating various entertainment and stuff you might be searching throughout the web including movies, songs, videos, games, etc. Moreover, form the group of your friends and share your favorite bot link with them accompany with the new you discovered.

Features of Telegram Latest APK

Telegram Apk Best Features For Android

There are many unique features that you surely never want to miss illustrated on our next head. Find it out below!

Unlimited Sharing

Users can share unlimited messages, images, heavy files, documents, videos, and other data without any hassle. It is very convenient to share the heavy files in the group or an individual like any other message using Telegram.

Facilitates Large Group

Its one of the wow feature that fascinates is the capacity of the users it can include in a group. You can add up to 200,000 members in a group with easy and fast communication services and settings options.

Emojis, GIFs, and Stickers

Finding ways to express your feelings to others, go with the giant collection of the emoticons, GIFs, stickers and other animes capable to express every occasion, situations, and emotions with the lively visuals and animations.

Free Calls

Now is not the time to miss your loved ones. Move ahead and make a free call to anyone across the globe and cherish the memories together talking unlimited. Calling through Telegram will not cost money but consumes the internet.


One of the best attributes of the Telegram APK is its sync feature that allows users to resume with its in-app working on other cross-platform devices. It auto-saves your data letting you continue with other devices including the unfinished messages you left in the type box.


Telegram APK supports all the platforms you can name of including iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, etc. So no matter what you possess, Telegram is all good with it.

Advanced Privacy Settings

Telegram for Android is surpassing with its privacy options. Customize the contacts who can see your status and other publications, do the secret chats secured with the advanced privacy settings and includes the most fascinating attribute i.e. ‘Self Destruct’ option.

‘Self Destruct’ option let the user delete all the chat data not only from its own device but also from the other party device leaving no remnant of it in the system. All that you need to do is simply set the timer for the system to self-destruct the data you want to delete.

Advanced Encryption

All the messages sent by the users and other data is protected by the end-to-end encryption with 256 bit AES, 2048 bit RSA and Diffie-Hallman protocol of the exchange of data keys safely.

Fast Transfer

Telegram APK consists one of the most advanced interfaces empowering the application to send the data at the maximum speed with the minimum data consumption. It is capable of sending the heavy files with minimum bytes.

Works With Low Network

The application is developed with the high interface, so no matter the strength of the internet connectivity, it works well even with the weak network without any trouble.

Ad-free and Easy Interface

Fully protected from the bugs and no disruption of the adverts. 100% free with all the features unlocked to serve you at its fullest. Simple and creative interface providing a breezing experience to the users.

There are many third-party websites works to provide comfort at another level introducing Telegram APK premium versions. Users can find various upgraded versions like ‘Telegram Blu’, ‘Telegram MOD APK’, ‘Telegram Plus’, etc, you can pick the best Telegram APK that suits your need. The common modifications that users would find in the MOD are:

  • Deep graphic updations and optimizations.
  • Nunito fonts.
  • Share your friends where you are.
  • Battery saving themes and modes.
  • Swipe feature to archive the chats.
  • Forward messages and chats in a blink of eyes.

Screenshots of Telegram APK:

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Steps for Telegram APK App Free Download

It is no way difficult to get Telegram APK free download for Android. Key in with the steps written below and free download Telegram for Android right here in the moments of seconds.

  • Ensure enabling the Unknown Sources > Security > Settings.
  • Go to the web and search for the latest Telegram APK direct download sites.
  • Visit the trusted third-party site in the search result.
  • Download Telegram APK latest version.
  • Open the downloaded file either from the Notifications Bar or from the
  • Downloads folder of your phone
  • Click on ‘install’.
  • ‘Accept’ the access permissions to run the application.
  • Feed the number you want to register and verify it with the OTP process.
  • Type the Display Name.
  • Your telegram Messenger app download is now ready to run.

How To Use Telegram APK?

Telegram Apk how to use

Moving further in the app, now you must be wondering about the options. No worries! Find all the details of how to use and where to find the features and other needful details through the following points.

  • After the download procedure, you will not be directed on the home screen of the app.
  • At the top bar, click on the three parallel lines on the top-left corner of the screen for the options.
  • A menu will get opened, now you can see various options.
  • Clicking on ‘contacts’ will let you see who all are present on Telegram auto-updated from your phone’s contact list.
  • Start chatting with anyone you like simply clicking on the person’s name.
  • You can also make the voice calls to any of them clicking on the ‘Calls’ option.
  • Create your own ‘New Group’ selecting the option from the menu.
  • Create a personal broadcast list for the individual messaging through the option ‘Community’.
  • Hide your personal chats from others clicking on the ‘New Secret Chat’ option.
  • Do the in-app settings of the notifications, privacy, downloads, etc clicking on the settings.
  • Eliminate the search stress and go for the quick search available at the top-right corner of the home screen.
  • Search your contacts, bots and other communities to discover new of your interest.
  • To search for the bot, simply type the genre you are searching for a suitable bot for.
  • Explore more of the movie, music, games and other bots, even facilitates to download.
  • As you click on the bot, you can now select any of the content you want to use from it.
  • Get all the personalized options for messages log pressing the message.

Technical Specifications for Telegram APK Free Download for Android

Users can download Telegram APK for free on their phones but for the hassle-free messaging experience and key in for the new stuff and online games, it is important to consider the compatibility of your phone for its advanced interface. Therefore, it is recommended to first verify the minimal technical specifications required to process the application without any error.

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Wrapping Up

Telegram APK 2020 is one of the most renowned messaging apps with billions of users worldwide. With so many features, no doubt this app excels all other apps extended as an absolute junction for all one needs. Embedded with so many functions, users can easily get Telegram APK after searching it on Google.

And this is not it yet, there are still more to explore for the users with the Hacked Telegram APK available with new additional features. Use the bots and search your favorite movies, songs, videos, online games and many more.

Telegram APK for Android allows hordes of people to come together in a group, so relish and share all that you want with so many people together. Download Telegram APK Free For Android and enjoy a giant world of unlimited messaging, sharing and traversing something new.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to interact with people on Telegram?

There are two ways to interact with people on telegram, firstly the user can interact with the person from the contact list, simply by searching the name on the telegram search. The user can also talk to the individual through the telegram group by simply clicking on the profile of a person from the group.

How can I download Telegram in Android?

Downloading telegrams is very easy and the process of downloading is almost the same as the other app. The android user can download the telegram app from the Google play store, it is a free service app.

Which Telegram app is best?

There are different versions of the telegram app including 94 telegram, 85 plus messenger and much more, in the latest version of the telegram is the best, and are free to access.

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