Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy is a PUBG official emulator developed exclusively for the PUBG, extending the reach of PUBG Mobile version into PC. It allows customizing your favorite game in detail, from graphics to hangouts and Ads, making it more convenient with the key controls. So now you can easily step for PUBG Mobile PC download and simply play the most thrilling version of your beloved PUBG namely ‘Army Attack’ and ‘Exhilarating Battlefield’ on them.

Today when mobile phones became a lifeline for everyone’s professional and personal life, playing such an engrossing game might be exhaustive for your phone’s battery. Also, PUBG provides two different versions of the game exclusively for the PC and Mobile. How about enjoying all the versions on a single system which don’t have any risk of battery draining i.e. PC. Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator facilitates it to the players within the moments of time. By the end of this article, you will be able to know that

Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy

App Name: Tencent Gaming Buddy

App Version: v1.0.7773.123

Developer: Tencent

Last Updated: 01 June 2019

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Amazingly, Official Tencent Gaming Buddy new version even works on the low-end computers fulfilling all the hardware requirements with all the in-app features. That means if you are running it on your advanced PC systems, it makes your gaming experience even better. Also, Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator for PUBG requires no personal information of the users in terms of VPN or Sign Up with a new account.

Tencent Gaming buddy is an official PUBG Mobile emulator for PC. Many of the PUBG lovers believe it to be as Tencent Gaming Buddy Hack for PUBG Mobile game, which is totally wrong. Go ahead with the features listed next in the section of our tutorial.

Features of Tencent Gaming Emulator:

  • One of the most efficient PUBG emulator to engross yourself with PCs.
  • This PUBG PC emulator supports all the Windows and Mac PC versions even with low configurations.
  • Extends all the controls to the mouse and keys of the game.
  • Automatically install PUBG on it.
  • Supports Chinese and English, adding more with the Tencent Gaming Buddy Update.
  • No registration requires with VPN or Account creation.
  • Customize the graphics, brightness, controls, and everything to feed the gamer in you.
  • Better and enhanced gameplay.
  • Works even for iOS and other platforms besides Android.

How to Get Tencent Gaming Buddy Download For PC?

If you are wandering over the web pages for searching the best answer for how to download PUBG Mobile on PC? you reading the right article.

official Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator

Downloading of Tencent Gaming Buddy latest version is easy. Scroll down the article, get your PC on and start Tencent Emulator Download to enjoy playing PUBG on the big screen of your PC.

Follow the steps below to Download Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator for PUBG –

  • Get the ‘Unknown Sources’ from the Security Settings be enabled.
  • Search Internet for the Tencent Gaming Buddy Official site or else any trusted third-party app.
  • Download Tencent Gaming Buddy latest version file from the site.
  • Visit the ‘Download’ folder of your PC.
  • Open it.
  • ‘Accept’ TOC displayed on the screen.
  • Tap on ‘Install’ for Tencent Emulator Download for PC.
  • Once done, now your emulator will download the PUBG game automatically within itself and you are all set to play PUBG mobile on PC.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Download: Technical Info

Before exciting yourself to play PUBG on PC, check out technical info of Tencent PUBG Mobile emulator. There are not many technical requisites that you need to consider before download this advanced emulator, adding in its reasons being a leader amongst all the other emulators. But then even it is suggested to get a glance of the technical specifications unleashed below for the hassle-free experience of gaming.

Name Tencent Gaming Buddy
Developer Tencent
Last Updated 01 June 2019
App Version v1.0.7773.123
Supported Windows Version Windows 7 & Above
Emulator Size 9.24 MB
License Type Free!

Tencent Gaming Buddy Latest Version: Keyboard Controls

Tencent Gaming Buddy shifts all the control of the PUBG mobile version to the Keyboard and mouse. You can resume your mobile gameplay on the PC simply joining your PUBG account with Facebook or Twitter and get it on your PC or else start with the new. PUBG gameplay is similar in PC as that of mobile phones except for the controls. In our tutorial, we are describing all the controlling keys that you can use to play the most admired game of the era. Just Press –

  • W, A, S, D – for forwarding, Left, Back and Right movement of the player.
  • Left Click – Fire through weapons or punch the opponent.
  • Right Click – Ads.
  • Space Bar – Jump.
  • C – Crouch.
  • Z – lying flat on the ground.
  • Shift – run with full speed
  • Mouse Lock – AutoRun.
  • Keys 4,5,6 – Throwable Items
  • Keys 7, 8, 9, 0 – Healing Items
  • F1 – Quick scan of all the controls
  • F – to interact with the players4
  • Alt + Mouse Movement – Freely looking around

Users can get all the settings options of the application from the taskbar on the top-right of the screen. Click on the three parallel lines and do the ‘Basic’, ‘Engine’ and ‘Game’ settings as you want for your game. Also, you can change the controlling keys, clear the cache memory and many more such other settings. Tencent Game Buddy Emulator also provides the functions for the players to change some of the features in the midst of the game.

Tencent Gaming Buddy: Screenshots

Last Words

Tencent Games are one of the most successful gaming developers and lead the competition introducing PUBG, the most successful battle royale game. Followed by the Mobile and PC versions, Tencent successfully launched a PC emulator mingling all the versions of the PUBG on the big screen of PC. Being developed by the PUBG developers itself, Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator proved the most effective emulator for the players to shift from mobile phones to the PC instantly.

Users can find some of the Tencent Gaming Buddy PUBG Hack version on the internet but are non-certified and unstable compared to the original version. Thus, it is suggested to go with the official version of the Tencent emulator and keep your PC safe from the risk of hacking and other malware to harm. Experience all the versions of everyone’s favorite and crowned as ‘Game of the Era’ gameplay PUBG on a single screen without any limitations with Tencent Gaming Buddy free download. All the luck for the War!

Tencent Gaming Buddy
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