Tinder Apk Download v11.10.0 [Updated] For Android!

Tinder APK is one of the top dating apps around the world, helps in finding a good match for you as per your interest, location, age and other factors you want in your pair. And once you find the one for you, get to know the person through its bio, chat and roll out for your first date with all the credits to Tinder.

Tinder APK

Tinder APK

App Name: Tinder APK

App Version: Latest

Developer: Tinder

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Technology made our lives so easy that today we rarely need to go out for anything. It extended our reach on each and every horizons worldwide and now comes with a helping hand to find our mate. Get rid of the traditional way to find your special someone from the people around you and spread your reach to the world. Find your date from your nearest or from anywhere you want that matches your interest with Tinder Apk.

What is Tinder?

Today when everything is so fast and forward, get yourself in that pace. Don’t adjust, and find the best for yourself especially when it comes to your pair, and Tinder is surpassing in it. It is one of the best free dating apps allowing you to find a perfect person that suits in all aspects with you. You can find the person applying filters of location, age, gender, and appearance.


  • Breezing features allowing you to focus only on finding your fit.
  • Includes a vast community of ‘Singles’ across the globe.
  • Simply swipe ‘Left’ to reject and ‘Right’ to accept, it’s that simple.
  • Put up the filters to get the precise person of your interest.
  • Decor you profile with all the information about you.
  • Take care of the pictures you upload of you as it is crucial in decision making for others.
  • Get the people nearby of your choice even during traveling.
  • Manage multiple profiles you liked with the app profile manager.
  • Fully secured from all the malware and bugs.

How Does Tinder Work?

After Tinder Apk download, the next question that might strike on your head is how does Tinder work?. Well, There are many other dating sites that you might not be aware of because people always remember the best.

Tinder App download

The Tinder dating site is the most flourished and accepted by mass across the globe because of it’s handy and carries easy-peasy layout where all you need to do is ‘Swipe’. And for now, to know more about its usage, just swipe yourself down the article to get through it.

  • Tinder’s simplicity is its trademark. There are various filters in the App to get the straight results as per your preference with age range, gender, location (say nearby 8 km), education and many more that add ons with further updates.
  • As you apply the filters, it will provide you with the precise results as per your wish.
  • If you don’t like it then swipe ‘Left’ and get others on the line and if you got a prospect then go ahead with his/her bio by tapping on the pic.
  • If you think it could be your match, swipe ‘Right’ to tell the person about you. Yes, Tinder provides a platform for mutual review and if its a ‘Yes’ from both sides then Bingo! It’s a ‘Match’.
  • Chat with the person within the app and get ready for your first ever date.
  • Take care of the photos you upload as it plays a vital role for others to like you initially.
  • Also, you can anytime change your preferences by editing the applied filters in the ‘Settings’ and also update your profile with the latest in you.
  • Keep multiple preferences you liked and manage it in a folder with the Tinder APK latest version.

Tinder Apk: Screenshots

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Latest Hacked Tinder APK: Versions

Tinder grabs all the light in the community of online dating sites, thus it’s usual to find the Modded Tinder APK versions on the web. Users can find two Tinder premium bots on the Internet, which is Tinder Gold APK and Tinder Plus APK. These tweaked versions are equally used and accepted by the users as the original one including many attractive add-on features that surely can’t be shrugged off. Give yourself a space to decide the best with our tutorial further.

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Get Another Premium Tinder APK With a Plus

Users now have an another Tinder APK cracked version with all-new features known as Tinder Plus APK Mod with other additional powers to boost up your profile, advanced settings, unlimited passport swipe to fix a perfect match for you.

Tinder Plus

This version consists of many unlocked features that need payment to get on other versions of Tinder. You can download this stunning Tinder APK Mod on your Android phones using similar steps as mentioned above for Tinder Gold Apk.

How To Get Tinder Gold For Free?

Tinder Gold Android is a Modded Tinder APK version with many additional features not to miss an opportunity to get the best match for you. Boost up your profile to grab the light amongst others, rewind any of the rejected options for second thoughts, get your profile more likes to attract more prospects and many more other settings to get your profile set the spark.

Tinder Gold Apk Premium

So don’t bar yourself from downloading it and grab Tinder APK Gold 2020 now with the following steps –

  • If this is the first time you are downloading any APK file, ensure to enable ‘Unknown Sources > Security > Settings.
  • Search for ‘Tinder Gold APK’.
  • Download the file from the third-party website available in search results.
  • Open the downloaded file from the ‘Downloads’ folder of your phone.
  • Click on the ‘Install’ button.
  • Grant the system permissions and TOC to run the app on your phone.
  • Create your profile feeding all the needful information and photos and make it attractive.
  • Now your favorite dating application is already with its add-on features for you.


Tinder is an application widening the reach of the person to others, providing a platform to meet and understand each other. It’s a location-based application and a great opportunity to find your special someone wherever you are and as you travel, your recommendations will also change with your location and filters you applied. Its other advanced features will help you out in every way to create and craft your profile attracting people you want.

So why so single? Get ready to mingle with your first date. Download Tinder Apk Latest Version Free For Android and don’t miss any chance to get your mate. Stop searching with the limited options around and expand it to the limitless. Also, get with us in our coming articles to know more about your favorite apps right here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does the same person keep appearing on tinder?

The reason behind appearing the same person on tinder is that when they swipe you left, you right swipe is negated, so based on the pattern of swipe, tinder shows you the same person constantly after a while.

Can tinder block your device?

Yes tinder blocks the profile, when the profile gets bot. It means that the profile operator is too desperate, and swiping right on every profile, hence tinder blocks the profile.

Can my Facebook friends see if I’m on tinder?

No it is not possible to see the facebook profile is using tinder. Although one can login the tinder account through facebook, it is not visible on facebook that someone is using tinder.

Can you browse tinder without joining?

No, it is not possible to access tinder without signing up or joining tinder.

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